A new phase of your life is beginning

Beginning a degree course is also the start of a new phase of your life. You are almost certain to have many questions which are not directly connected to your degree course. How and where can I find an apartment? What leisure opportunities are available to me? Where can I relax and switch off? You can also rely on the support of Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences in answering these questions.

Your own first apartment is always something very special. To make your move to Nordhausen easier, we have compiled all information which may prove helpful to you in looking for accommodation under the rubric entitled "Accommodation options".

Accommodation optionsThe rubric entitled "Leisure and sport" contains numerous suggestions for recuperating from daily student life at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences and for structuring your leisure activities.

Of course, a proper degree course also involves parties and extended visits to bars and discotheques. The rubric entitled "Nightlife" provides interesting information which will help you to choose your future "local".

You have already made your decision and would like to apply directly right away? Then proceed to the rubric entitled "Apply now!".