FAQ Application - Frequently asked questions

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1. Rrange of studies/access and admission requirements

1.2 Which degree programs are subject to admission restrictions?


There is an NC (numerus clausus) for the degree programs in health and social work and special education. For the master's degree programs, there are individual admission requirements that are anchored in the corresponding study and examination regulations.

All engineering programs as well as business administration, digital product management, international business administration, public management and social management are open-admission programs.

1.3 What is the NC (numerus clausus) in the relevant degree programs?

The respective NC values are only recalculated during the current procedure. No information or forecasts can be given in advance! The last NC can only serve as an orientation. You can ask for it at the Study Service Center (SSZ).

1.4 For which degree programs is a pre-study internship required?

For the degree programs in Health and Social Services and Therapeutic Education, a 12-week pre-study internship must be completed, unless the student has already completed training in a social or health service profession.

With the application for admission, proof must be provided that at least 6 weeks of this have been completed by the start of the study program; the remaining 6 weeks must be completed in the first stage of the study program.

Please refer to the following pdf document for recognized internships or educational qualifications.

Download: Information on the Preliminary Internship (pdf)

ATTENTION: Admission to the winter semester 2021/22 is also possible without a pre-study internship. Students must make up for the pre-study internship within the first year of study. For admission they need a confirmation from an institution about the planned period of the internship.

2. online application and postal application

2.1 HOW do I apply WHERE and WHEN?

For both the undergraduate Bachelor's programs and the Master's programs, you must apply online via the admission portal in QISPOS at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences. Afterwards you have to print out the application, sign it and submit it with all required documents to the Study Service Center (SSZ).

Applications to a higher semester are currently not made online. Applications to the advanced master's programs in Systemic Counseling and Transdisciplinary Early Intervention can now also be submitted online.


Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences Study Service Center (SSZ) Weinberghof 4 99734 Nordhausen Tel.: 03631 420-222/226 Fax: 03631 420-811 E-mail: sszhs-nordhausen.de

Application deadlines for the winter semester: see online application

2.2 What documents do I need to include with my application?

When applying for a Bachelor's degree program, the signed application form and a simple copy of the university entrance qualification (Abitur certificate or other suitable certificates) must be sent to the university. In the field of social sciences, proof of the required preliminary internships must also be enclosed.

If applying to a Master's program, in addition to the signed application form, proof of completion of a first professional degree in accordance with the admission requirements of the Master's program is required.

Documents to be submitted for master's applications differ. Please refer directly to the study programs to find out which additional documents must be submitted.

2.3 Do I need to submit a resume?

Please refer to the study and examination regulations published for your chosen degree program to find out whether you need to submit a curriculum vitae for applications to master's programs. Especially in Master's programs, the submission may be required.

In the application procedure for Bachelor's degree programs, you do not have to submit a CV.


2.4 What must an official certification look like?

Any public-legal body that bears an official seal (authorities such as municipal, city or district administration or schools, notaries, courts ...) may certify. Not recognized are certifications from the following bodies: Associations and banks. All pages must have the certification mark, signature and official seal.

2.6 Application to a higher semester or change of study program: Do I have to enclose proof of an orientation procedure?

Applications to a higher semester can be sent by mail to the Study Service Center. Corresponding application forms (admission/enrollment in the Bachelor's degree program or Master's degree program) can be found under Applications and Information Sheets.

The application must be accompanied by a university entrance qualification, a certificate of exmatriculation from the previous university, if applicable, as well as proof of creditable examination achievements and a clearance certificate. Once all documents have been received, they will be submitted to the relevant examination board for a decision.

2.7 When can I inquire about my processing status and how long does it take to process the application?

You can check the receipt of your application and the processing status via our online portal by entering the applicant number and password. Your application will be processed promptly.

For applications to a higher semester, information can only be provided by telephone. Please contact the Study Service Center (SSZ) Tel.: 03631/420-222

2.8 The login to the online portal has failed. What can I do and who should I contact?

Please send the error message by e-mail to the Study Service Center (SSZ).

2.9 In case of missing documents: How do I get informed that documents are not correct or still missing?

A confirmation of receipt regarding the completeness or incompleteness of the documents will not be sent. You can check the completeness of your documents via the online portal.

3. Admission and enrollment

3.1 When will I receive an admission or a rejection notice?

For admission-restricted courses of study, the selection procedure takes place after the application deadline (15.07.). Admission notifications are sent out by 31.07. of the year at the latest. Rejection notices will only be sent after the completion of all possible subsequent procedures.

In the case of applications to Master's degree programs, the notifications are sent out after the responsible lecturers from the study areas have reviewed and made their decisions.

3.2 How can I print my admission application again?

You can retrieve and print the "Application for Admission" as a PDF application via our online portal by entering the applicant number and password again under the heading "Applications".

3.3 By when do I have to be enrolled? And when will I receive the study certificates?

The enrollment date will be indicated in the admission letter. You will receive the study certificates together with your temporary student ID at the time of enrollment. Enrollment is also possible by mail. In this case, the documents will be sent to you. Further information can be found under Information for First Semester Students (this page is only visible during the application period).

During the introductory study week you will receive the thoska card, which replaces the temporary student ID.

3.4 By when must the de-registration from another university be received?

The de-registration certificate must be presented at the latest when enrolling at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.

4. International student applicants

4.1 For international applicants: How can I apply to study at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences?

The application deadline for admission-restricted programs (Health and Social Services and Social Management) is 15.07. of the year and for the other programs 30.09. of the year. However, it is possible for international applicants to apply at any time.

Since language courses or a preparatory course often still have to be attended, we recommend applying as early as possible. Early application is also recommended for the issuance of any necessary visa.

Applicants with a foreign secondary school diploma or foreign university degree should apply directly via uni-assist.

This is an institution jointly operated by universities and colleges, which carries out the expert examination of the application documents.

Application documents should be sent exclusively to the following address:

uni-assist e.V. 11507 Berlin - Germany

Applicant hotline +49 (30) 666443-45

For more information about uni-assist and the possibility to apply online, please visit www.uni-assist.de or read the FAQ of uni-assist.

4.2 For international applicants: What are the requirements?

International applicants applying for admission to Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences need a secondary school leaving certificate (Abitur, Matura, Baccalauréat, A-level, Leaving Certificate, etc) just like German applicants. They must also prove sufficient knowledge of the German language.

Further information can be found on the website of the International Office of Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences in the section Come In!

5. Other questions (student counseling, housing, BAföG, etc.)

5.1 Who is responsible for student advising at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences?

The contact persons for student advising at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences are Silke Umann (Head of the Study Service Center) and Kerstin Kresel. Contact: studienberatunghs-nordhausen.de

5.2 Are there tuition fees at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences?

There are no tuition fees for studying at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.

5.3 When does the semester fee have to be paid and how much is it?

You pay the semester fee for the first time when you receive the notification of enrollment.

The amount of the semester fee can be found under this link.

For students in continuing education master programs, other contribution rates apply. Please ask at the Study Service Center by e-mail(sszhs-nordhausen.de).