How do you get a scholarship?

Scholarships are awarded by many organizations. Basically, all institutions expect a certain level of social commitment. You can fulfill this expectation, for example, by getting involved in a political party, an association or the church. Funding is usually provided in the same way as BAföG, but with the difference that repayment of the financial resources provided is completely waived. In return, however, many organizations expect you to document your study progress and comment on it to the funding organization.


Information on scholarships

Detailed information, especially on contacts and contact information for institutions that sponsor and support gifted and socially engaged students, can be found online at

In addition, there are mentoring programs that only support certain courses of study or universities. Therefore, we recommend that you also inquire about local or specific offerings.

Don't forget to research suitable funding opportunities at Helpful information can be found in the flyer from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Scholarship for trailblazers (idealo)

1 Vollstipendium im Gesamtwert von 9.000 €

idealo is awarding 1 full scholarship worth a total of € 9,000. The winner will receive € 750 per month for 1 year.

Required application documents

  • Application: Send us an application with basic information about yourself.
  • Video or text: You can either shoot a short video OR write a short text in which you introduce yourself and tell us about your extraordinary talent.
  • You can upload the video on any video portal (e.g. Youtube, Vimeo). Thelink to the video must be included in your application letter.
  • You simply add your essay to your application (max. 1,000 characters, including spaces).
  • Tabular CV: Attach a current version of your CV.
  • Only complete applications will be accepted.


The video/text

You can eithercreate a short video OR write a short text. In the video or text, we want toget to know your personality better and determine what makes you exceptional. You can upload the video on any common platform (Youtube, Vimeo etc.). It is especially important to us that you are authentic - the video does not have to be professionally cut or edited. In addition, yourvideo shouldnot be longer than 1 minute. Thetext may contain amaximum of 1,000 characters(including spaces).

Selection process

This is how the selection process works: You can submit your applicationby e-mail until July 31, 2021. Our jury will select the winnerfrom all applicants from 09.08.2021 to 16.08.2021.


Apply now at Scholarship for Trailblazers (

Thuringia Scholarship Plus

Zusätzliche Fördermittel zur Fachkräftesicherung in Thüringen

The Thuringian Ministry of Economy, Science and Digital Society (TMWWDG) promotes a scholarship for students of all disciplines, especially STEM subjects. But not only those!

This is something for students and small and medium-sized companies in Thuringia who want to get to know each other during their studies.

Under the program, students in the final phase of their studies receive a minimum of 750 euros from a company. Of this, 600 euros are subsidized. After successful completion, graduates are then taken on directly by the company. They receive a salary from the employer of at least 3,000 euros, of which 1,500 euros are subsidized. The maximum duration of the subsidy is 3 years.

The company submits the application to the Thüringer Aufbaubank.

The additional funding comes from the EU's European Social Fund and the Free State of Thuringia.



Then read on at or call free of charge on 0800 5345676.

Advancement Scholarship - The study support for experienced professionals

The funding program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports skilled workers with vocational training and several years of practical experience in higher education studies up to their first academic degree. Further information at

Applications are possible before the start of studies and up to the end of the second semester. Over 1,000 advancement scholarships are awarded annually. The online application for this scholarship opens March 25, 2020.

In September, the monthly grant was also increased from 815 euros to 933 euros for full-time study. For part-time students, the funding has increased from 2,400 euros to 2,700 euros per calendar year. The benefits are a lump sum and are not dependent on income.


More options

Another way to research scholarships is through the website at A free scholarship guide with over 400 scholarships is offered there. The following questions are answered here:

  • Which scholarships are available at all (especially from smaller foundations)?
  • Evaluation of the application effort per scholarship in 3 levels (low, medium, high)
  • Sorting of scholarships according to target groups
  • everything clearly arranged on more than 130 pages as pdf - download the pdf file

Application procedure

With some foundations, direct application is not possible, as they only accept students into their funding program on the recommendation of third parties. At all other institutions, direct application is possible. In principle, all organizations carry out a selection process. In this regard, you can find an interesting experience report from the Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft (sdw) at the above Internet address, which informs you about possible contents and procedures of a selection process.

Until now, it was only possible to apply and receive funding after taking up a course of study. In the meantime, however, many organizations offer early support already at the beginning of the studies. However, an important prerequisite for this is the timely application. We therefore recommend that you apply for a scholarship at least six months before the start of your studies.