Study organization with child

The statutory maternity protection periods as well as the statutory entitlement to parental leave also apply to students and are taken into account in the examination regulations and in the calculation of the standard period of study. However, there are certain regulations and application modalities:

Vacation Semester

If you are pregnant during your studies, a semester of leave of absence can be useful in order to be able to concentrate on your role as a mother for a while and to take a break from your studies. These semesters of leave will not count towards the standard period of study and you will still retain your status as a student. An application for leave of absence can be obtained from the Study Service Centre (SSZ) and also submitted there (within the re-registration period). During a semester of leave of absence due to maternity or parental leave, the student is exempt from the semester fee. Details can also be obtained from the Study Service Centre.

Please note, however, that during a semester of leave of absence there is no entitlement to BaföG and no study or examination credits may be taken. It is therefore necessary to weigh up whether a semester of leave of absence is really helpful - the Family and Equal Opportunities Officer will be happy to advise you on this.

Part-time study

If the workload of the studies is difficult to reconcile with the role of a parent, it makes sense to consider continuing one's studies with a child as part-time studies. This reduces the amount of work per semester and offers the possibility to finish the studies more relaxed. With regard to the Relgestudienzeit, the semesters of part-time study are counted as half a semester.

Part-time study is possible in all courses of study, unless this is expressly excluded in the respective study and examination regulations. Part-time studies must be applied for in writing to the Study Service Centre (SSZ) during the re-registration period for the following semester. This is possible both before the start of a course of study and during the course of study and must be justified with suitable evidence (e.g. birth certificate of the child). When applying, the desired reduction of the course of studies must be stated. It should be noted, however, that this may change the entitlement to BaföG.

Study and examination achievements

Due to maternity leave and/or parental leave, special regulations may apply to study and examination achievements. In general, students on maternity leave or due to child-rearing duties can apply for an extension of the processing times for written examinations and Bachelor and Master theses. The deadlines and extension periods can be obtained from the Examinations Office. However, the project should be discussed with the examiner in advance.

Also due to pregnancy or maternity leave as well as due to the illness of your child, the regulations for withdrawal from an examination due to illness apply (presentation of a doctor's certificate). An alternative date for examinations is unfortunately also not possible due to maternity.

There is also always the question of what happens if contractions occur during the examination and the examination has to be cancelled prematurely... Even if this happens only very rarely: in this special situation, the welfare of mother and child is of course paramount and a solution can be found after the examination.

Internship with child

As long as pregnancy is not an obstacle to your internship, you can also complete your internship semester during your pregnancy. There is also the possibility of interrupting the internship period due to maternity leave and continuing it later. In this case, close consultation with the internship office and the internship company is strongly recommended in order to avoid problems. The Internship Office can also give you helpful tips for finding a suitable internship for students with children.

Study abroad with child

Studying abroad with a child - why not? It is especially important to plan in time and to provide comprehensive information about financial support. Through the ERASMUS+ programme, in addition to the regular support of a semester abroad, special funds can also be applied for to finance additional child-related costs. Additional funds can also be applied for through the BaföG office. However, the funding varies depending on the personal situation and the country of choice.

Further information can be obtained from the International Office and on the page"Study Abroad with a Child", which was prepared by the Hochschule Wismar.