Online application

You are guided step-by-step through the relevant application process on clearly arranged data acquisition pages. You have the option of calling up help functions directly whilst doing this (completion instructions).

Once the application has been filled in completely, it must be printed out. A list of the necessary documents to be enclosed is also listed on the form. If printing out is not possible due to technical reasons or problems occur during data input, it is necessary to log in again. Your application is then processed under the new (higher) applicant number.

Application period for summer semester

Master degree courses

Application deadlines for the Master degree courses are varying as follows:

The following applies: If you do not send any documents to the study service centre by mail, you will not be registered, nor will you take part in the assignment process for subjects with limited admission. Your data will initially remain in the database and will then be deleted completely by the next semester.

What information and documents do you need to complete the online application?

In order to enable swift completion (process time is limited) we rommend to put out the following documents and information for fast access. This documents must be attached to the application:

  • School leaving certificate or university access right certificate,
  • Health insurance certificate (health insurance company with company number and insurance number),
  • Information on professional training and employment (if available),
  • Data on any service completed (e.g. national service, community service,   voluntary social year, voluntary ecological year) in the form of service time certification,
  • Information on any previous degree course,
  • Information on any internship completed

Applicants with a GERMAN higher education entrance qualification please use the following button for the online application (does NOT apply to the bachelor degree courses Health and Social Services as well as Inclusive Studies):

Applicants with an INTERNATIONAL university entrance qualification please click here to start the online application:

How to apply with Uni-Assist? (pdf)