Accessibility statement

We (Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences) as the website operator make every effort to design the website in accordance with the relevant accessibility regulations. The following legal regulations apply to us:

Thuringia Act on Accessibility to Websites and Mobile Applications of Public Bodies (ThürBarrWebG) and the Thuringia Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (ThürBITVO) in their respective valid versions.


This accessibility statement applies to the website

Last update of the website

The content of this website was last updated on 25.10.2022.

Feedback and contact details

If you notice any accessibility deficiencies, you can report them to us using the "Report Barrier" form and request them in accessible format.

Alternatively, contact us by e-mail at:


Status of compatibility with the requirements

This website is largely compatible with the accessibility regulations that apply to us. Not yet or not completely barrier-free implemented are in detail:

The website does not yet contain any offerings in sign language or in easy-to-understand language.

We offer content in understandable language and are striving to expand this further, but this is not always possible in technical texts. Abbreviations are avoided as far as possible or written out the first time they appear in the text and then used in the rest of the text. Please contact us if you find abbreviations without explanation on our web pages.

Apart from the main pages, alternative texts for pictures and tables as well as link descriptions are partly missing. These will be added by us step by step.

There may be errors in the structure and content hierarchy or links may be incomprehensible. Documents such as PDFs are usually not barrier-free.

Words and sections in other languages are not marked.

Subtitles or audio descriptions are mostly not available for videos. Alternatives for audio files and silent videos are few or nonexistent. Complex graphical representations are usually not accessible.

Moving content (so-called sliders) cannot be switched off.

Web services that require registration are sometimes not accessible.

Disproportionate load

The following content is not provided barrier-free because this would result in a disproportionate burden for us:

Documents such as PDF files can usually not yet be created barrier-free due to their complexity, as implementing accessibility would only be possible with a disproportionate effort. In some cases, these are PDF documents that are created at very short notice or are only posted for a short period of time and which cannot be made accessible for reasons of time and cost.

Accessible alternatives

For our non-accessible content we provide the following accessible alternatives: Text as description for complex graphics.

Closed captions for newly created explainer videos (will be gradually expanded).

Evaluation method

No third-party BITV test has yet been conducted for the website and its content.

Further measures to improve barrier-free access to our website

We are always striving to improve the barrier-free accessibility of our website. We are currently doing the following to this end:

We are working on implementing accessibility in accordance with BITV 2.0 and WCAG 2.0 for our website and WCAG 2.1 (level AA in each case) for mobile applications, and where possible we are trying to meet the criteria beyond the minimum requirements.

Continuing education and training in accessibility is provided.

Enforcement Procedure

If you believe that you have been disadvantaged by an inadequate barrier-free design of our website, you can contact the responsible enforcement body. You can reach them at

The Thuringian State Government Commissioner for People with Disabilities Werner-Seelenbinder-Strasse 6 99096 Erfurt, Germany

Phone: 0361 573 811 741 E-mail:

Creation of this declaration on accessibility

This declaration was created on 25.10.2022.

The declaration was last reviewed on 25.10.2022.