Good Reasons to Study at HSN

There are many good reasons to study at the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen (HSN). Find some of them on this page or in our brochure Welcome to Nordhausen.

1. A small but excellent university

The University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen is a young, modern and future-oriented institution. With its high-technology-equipped facilities and qualified training staff the HSN gives you an excellent academic education.

2. Close contact to teachers and fellows

At a small campus university you are likely to run into someone you know – an ideal start for a conversation and improving your German.

3. Green campus

The green HSN campus is not far from the town centre. You will enjoy its calm atmosphere for studying and the short ways in between your courses. The campus is perfect for hanging out in between the lectures and having a coffee or two.

4. International university

The University of Applied Sciences gives you many possibilities to integrate international modules into your study plan, e.g. study or training periods abroad. Additionally, we have an international project week every year in spring. During this week you almost forget you are in Germany as there are so many international projects going on everywhere on our campus!

5. Activities for international students

The University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen offers different platforms for international students to get in contact: International Round Table, Buddy Programme, Experiment in Cross-Cultural Living, events and trips - if you are open to meeting new people and spending your leisure time together you should not get bored in Nordhausen!

6. No tuition fees

At the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen you are not charged any tuition fees. Only the semester contribution needs to be paid - and it gives you free access to train transport in the whole region of Thuringia!

7. Low cost of living

Being a student can be really expensive. Particularly the rent for a student room makes you dig deep into your pocket. Fortunately the rents in Nordhausen are among the lowest in Germany - a room in a shared flat does not even cost half as much as in a large city!

8. Calm & close to nature

Nordhausen was built into beautiful natural surroundings. Not far from the town you can find the Harz national park – one of the largest forest parks in Germany. Surrounded by a unique wildlife, you can enjoy a large variety of activities here: hiking, mountainbiking, wintersports and even some extreme sports are possible.

9. A charming old town

The town of Nordhausen is the centre of Northern Thuringia, its history starting more than 1000 years ago. In the old town with its small houses and narrow alleys there are plenty of cafés and restaurants, inviting the students to spend their leisure time.

10. Studying in the middle of Europe

The University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen is situated in the heart of Germany – in the centre of Europe. Nearly all destinations in Germany and Europe can be reached within few hours of travel. This makes Nordhausen an excellent starting point for travelling and discovery.