Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the admission requirements and required application documents which need to be uploaded to the Uni-Assist portal?

Please check the details on the website of the respective study programme. Note, that the minimum requirements for admission are mentioned. Fulfilling these does not necessarily mean that you can secure admission. If we receive more applications than available study seats, we have to rank all applicants according to their qualification mentioned in the admission requirements (mainly grade according to German grading system).

Q: Is my degree in xx with grade xx eligible for admission? What are my chances of admission?

Please understand that due to many unforeseeable factors (application numbers, study seat capacity, qualification of the applicants etc.) we cannot give any reliable estimation about the success of your application. Please check the minimum entry requirements and decide by yourself if you would like to apply or not.

Q: I have not graduated yet. Is it possible to apply with transcripts only and submit the degree certificate afterwards?

No. According to the admission regulations, a completed Bachelor degree with final grading is prerequisite for admission to our Master’s degree programmes.

Q: I do not have all the required documents yet. Can the missing be uploaded / submitted after the deadline?

No. All required documents must be submitted during the application period and before the deadline. Neither Uni-Assist nor our university will accept submission of required documents/ certificates after the deadline.

Q: What is the equivalence of my degree (180 or 210 ECTS)? / Do I need to attend the qualification semester?

Credits obtained in non-European universities are often not directly equivalent to ECTS credits obtained in European universities. Your application will first be assessed by Uni-Assist according to the guidelines of the HRK and assigned to the appropriate term. Therefore you also cannot choose the start date!

Q: Can I defer my admission due to delay of visa issuance?

No. You are responsible to check the visa regulations, required visa application documents, the processing and visa appointment waiting times at the responsible German visa office and take appropriate measures to ensure that you are able to obtain your visa before the start of your studies. Our university can’t influence the visa process in any way!

Q: How can I convert my grade into German grading system?

You can use the “modified Bavarian formula”. Please search the web for further details.

Q: What kind of English certificates will be accepted?

Our university accepts IELTS / TOEFL and official “Bachelor’s Medium of Instruction is English” certificates. Other certificates, especially from private language institutes cannot be considered. Please note that visa offices in some cases reject “Medium of Instruction is English” certificates.

Q: Uni-Assist has forwarded my application to the university for further consideration. When can I expect to receive my admission result?

Our university has to further considerate your application in the admission selection process, which can only start after closure of application (deadline) and after all proper applications have been forwarded by Uni-Assist to us. We are kindly asking for your patience and refraining from status inquiries, you will be informed about your admission result by E-mail as soon as possible (approx. mid-May/ June 2023).

Q: What is the status of my application?

If Uni-Assist has successfully completed screening your application (no faulty or missing documents) and forwarded your documents to our university, the admission selection process has to take place. It can only start after application has closed and all proper applications have been forwarded by Uni-Assist to us. The selection process will be completed approx. mid-May/ beginning of June 2023. All applicants will be informed by e-mail about the admission results. Please refrain from repeated status inquires, as these will inflict further delays.

Q: Does the time of application decide about my admission chances/ rank?

No. Regardless when you apply, all applications will equally take part in the selection process, which can only start after the deadline (application closure). We will rank applicants only according to their qualification mentioned in the admission requirements (mainly grade according to German grading system).