University Entrance Exam

Information on the university entrance examination

Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences has been offering the university entrance examination for persons qualified outside Germany since the summer of 2021. This means that prospective students who are entitled to study there after successfully attending an educational institution abroad can take this exam at our university.

Passing this examination entitles the candidate to study in a specific degree program or specific related degree programs exclusively at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.

The university has issued a statute for the implementation of this examination. In this statute, all requirements are stated that an interested person must fulfill/prove.


How is this exam structured?

Since the college offers courses in two departments, the following examination credits must be taken in accordance with the T-course or W-course of the State College of Studies and as prescribed by the statutes:

German - written exam 120 min

Mathematics - written exam 120 min

English - written exam 120 min

+ One(1) Course-specific written exam 120 min

for all courses

for all courses

for all courses

Engineering - Physics


Economics - VWL


Social Sciences - Social Studies

In addition to the written examinations, an oral examination must also be taken. Only those who have passed all written examinations will be admitted to the oral examination.

The person to be examined should prove that he or she has the necessary communication skills in the technical language context and is comprehensibly and reflectively motivated for the intended course of study. The oral part examination can cover the contents of the written part examinations.

The oral part examination lasts between 15 and 30 minutes per person to be examined. Up to three candidates can be examined together.

Application for admission to the university entrance examination

Passed the test - what next?

If you have passed the university entrance examination, you can enroll in the course of study that was named in the application for admission to the university entrance examination. You will receive further information about this from the university.