Grades & Recognition

All students of the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen have the opportunity to complete a study period abroad with full crediting of study and examination achievements according to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). The prerequisite is a signed Learning Agreement, which regulates the recognition of study and examination achievements. This ensures that all modules that have been successfully studied abroad can be recognised here.

Formalities before studying abroad

In the Learning Agreement, the services to be provided at the host university are compared with those at the home institution. Students interested in studying abroad can thus compile an individual curriculum from the courses/modules on offer at the host university. The Learning Agreement is examined by the responsible course coordinator (ECTS Course Coordinator) for equivalence of the modules, if necessary modified together with the student and finally signed by both the student and the course coordinator. Subsequently, the International Office (ECTS University Coordinator) signs the Learning Agreement.

With this procedure, students have certainty for the concrete recognition of their chosen courses even before the beginning of their semester abroad. In addition, a complete, signed Learning Agreement is a precondition for admission to participate in an exchange program, such as Erasmus +.

All necessary documents and forms can be found on the page Steps to Study Abroad.

Formalities after studying abroad

The recognition of the credits and grades after the end of the study period abroad thus becomes a pure formality, in which the examination board is no longer involved. A separate application for recognition is no longer required at this time. All you have to do is to fill in your examination results (listed in the Transcript of Records from the host university) into the Grade Recognition Form and submit both documents to the International Office. We verifiy the grades, translate them into the corresponding German grades (in accordance with a conversion table adopted by the International Advisory Council) and forward them to the examination office.

All necessary documents and forms can be found on the page Steps to Study Abroad.