Life on campus

There is a dormitory for fellow students and a refectory offering breakfast and lunch on the premises. Both are operated by the Studierendenwerk Thüringen.

Students also have access to a library, sports facilities, and other recreational opportunities.


You can make copies in almost all administration and lecture hall buildings at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences with your thoska card.

Semester fee

The transfer of the semester fee has to be done immediately. You can find out the amount under this link. If the transfer is delayed, a late fee will be charged. Bank details will be provided upon enrollment at the Studienkolleg.

The student ID card will only be issued after the semester fee has been booked at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences (SSZ Servicepoint)! A booking process takes at least two weeks!


On the campus of the university and in the city of Nordhausen there are different possibilities to rent a room or an apartment. The prices depend on the size and comfort of the room (double or single room) or apartment.

In the dormitory on campus, several students live in one apartment, sharing a kitchen, shower and toilet. The rooms are furnished, washing machine and dryer are available. A one-time deposit of 300 euros is required.

Student Union Thuringia

Weinberghof 5a-b 99734 Nordhausen

Residence manager: Mr. Fritsch Phone: +49 3631 901 028


If you want to take care of your accommodation on your own, you should stay at the youth hostel "Rothleimmühle" for the first few nights to find a suitable room in peace. The price per night in the youth hostel is about 22 euros.

Parkallee 2 99734 Nordhausen

Phone: +49 3631 902391 Fax: +49 3631 902393

Furthermore, furnished student rooms are available in the city, which are offered by private landlords. Offers from private landlords can also be requested from the staff of the Studienkolleg.

Student Club

The student club "Karzer" has existed since 1999 and takes care of the leisure activities at the university. The club's premises are located below the refectory.

Each semester begins with a semester start party, where you can make and strengthen your first contacts, and ends with a semester end party.

Student Council

The Student Council takes care of all concerns and problems of the students and represents them towards the university administration and other institutions. The office of the student council is located in house 13.