About us

Project team

Lisa Heyde

Lisa is our Lab Operations Manager, she ensures that everything runs smoothly. 

contact: lisa.heydehs-nordhausen.de

Christian Zoll

Christian is our Venture Developer, he makes your idea great.

contact: christian-frank.zollhs-nordhausen.de

Kristina Hülsebusch

Kristina is our UX design and marketing specialist. She takes care that your product (or service) becomes a must-have.

contact: kristina.huelsebuschhs-nordhausen.de

Philipp Gocht

Philipp is our Technical Engineer, he will support you with the development of your prototype.  

contact: philipp.gochths-nordhausen.de

Structure of the project

The HIKE project consists of two components. In the five-month "Kickstart Program", the participating teams of founders are supported in the development of their business idea. The coaching phases start in April and October. They include the steps of problem identification, solution development, prototyping and searching for an investor. In addition, weekly events on the topic of entrepreneurship, such as key notes, workshops or pitch nights, will take place in the "Grundrauschen"

The project also includes the construction of a Startup Lab on the university campus. For this purpose, a container with a coworking space, test lab, design workstations and conference room will be built in 2021.