Energy supply information

In preparation for the upcoming winter semester, the Executive Board, the staff council and the crisis management team agreed on an emergency plan for dealing with reduced gas supplies. This plan is intended to ensure presence operation over the winter months. It also defines necessary measures to implement the regulation to secure energy supply through short-term effective measures.

The emergency plan is structured in the form of a step-by-step plan in order to be able to react flexibly to further developments in the coming months and to adapt the heating concept of the university. In warning level 1, which is effective immediately, a room temperature of 19 °C must be maintained in all buildings (with the exception of the Audimax, gymnasium and greenhouse) for the period of validity of the above-mentioned ordinance. In addition, instantaneous water heaters in the university's restroom facilities must be switched off.

The Audimax will be taken out of service during the winter semester and will only be heated to the extent that the building fabric will not be damaged.

In order to reduce gas consumption, the following behavioral principles, in addition to the technical measures taken by the university, are to be observed by all university members and employees.


  1.  If available, manually adjustable heating thermostats should be set to maximum level 3 during the day. A setting of level 2 is recommended.
  2. In offices, manually adjustable heating thermostats should be set to level 1 before leaving at the end of a working day.
  3. During the heating period, the air in offices and teaching rooms should be exchanged by opening the windows wide (five-minutes-shock-ventilation). Afterwards, the windows must be closed. Tilting the windows is prohibited. While the windows are open, manually operated heating thermostats must be set to the frost protection position (snowflake symbol).
  4. The use of mobile heating devices (e.g. electric fan heaters) is prohibited.
  5. All doors must be kept closed during the heating period.
  6. The lights must be switched off when leaving the office or teaching rooms. In teaching rooms, all presentation equipment must be switched off. This is the responsibility of the teaching staff.
  7. If possible, electrical devices must be switched off completely at the end of work and should not be set to stand-by mode (e.g. monitors).

To support compliance with the behavioral principles, thermometers will be installed in all offices in the coming weeks. The teaching rooms will also be equipped with CO2-level indicators.

According to the Federal Network Agency, universities are protected customers. We therefore assume a secure gas supply and that there will be no further restrictions.

Information from Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences on measures to be taken during the Corona pandemic

Due to current events, we are publishing the action and responsibility plan of Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences regarding the Corona virus. Should there be any suspected or confirmed infections in the future, this plan will come into effect.

We are publishing on current occasions the plan of measures and responsibilities of the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen referring to the corona virus. Should there be any suspected or confirmed cases of infection on the university campus in the future, this will come into force. The English version follows after the German text.

Plan of measures and responsibilities (German and English version, pdf)

You will be informed about the further progress and, if necessary, further transfer dates here in a timely manner.

We will keep you up to date concerning information on Coronavirus and about rescheduled events.

Information on the Corona pandemic for international students.

Information about the Corona pandemic for international students The International Office has compiled information about COVID-19, entry into Germany and quarantine measures on its website. More information can be found at: International/come-in/COVID-19

Corona tests for vacation homecoming

The risk of the Corona pandemic spreading has not been eliminated. Therefore, we urge you to get tested for Corona if you are returning home from vacation and have used airplane, train or bus, as well as if you have experienced situations in which SARS-CoV2 infection is possible. Testing is mandatory if you have been in risk areas( - Information on the designation of international risk areas by the German Foreign Office, BMG and BMI (opens new page)). Until the test result is negative, please work from your home office in coordination with your superiors. There are test centers at some border crossings and train stations as well as at most airports. You can also get an appointment at a test center by calling 116117.

Good health to you

Your Presidium

New office hours at the International Office

The International Office has extended its office hours. In addition, individual counseling appointments can still be made by e-mail. More information under International Office

Stay in risk areas and quarantine - Current list of risk areas related to Covid 19 disease (opens new page) This list is continuously updated. Please check it before your stay abroad.

If you are entering from a risk area or have stayed in a risk area within the last 14 days prior to entry, the "Third Thuringian Ordinance on Quarantine Measures for Entering and Returning Travelers for the Control of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2" requires you to go into domestic quarantine for 14 days. - Current legal basis Thuringia (opens new page)