Particular importance is attached to research and development at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.

On one hand, it gives rise to attractive and practical training thanks to its application proximity. On the other hand it regards itself as a competent solver of problems for industrial, economic and social concerns thanks to the university lecturers' intensive contact with the region's industry.

In this area, we have compiled an overview of current research, development and consulting projects, which is both practical and appropriate to medium-sized companies. Exhaustive information regarding service offers and skills, focal points of research and work, plus laboratories and facilities which are suitable for practical co-operation can be obtained from the research department.

Interaction with research partners can take place on many levels. In addition to research services commissioned directly by customers, co-operative alliances in publicly or privately sponsored research projects are also conceivable. Due to their short processing times, diploma theses are also a welcome and successful instrument in the transfer between the university and industry in the case of minor research and development tasks.