Competence Center Early Childhood

All fields of work of the Competence Center Early Childhood (KFK) are directly related to each other. The background of the KSK is to think and design the fields of work of early help and early support together. The aim is to enable professionals to look beyond the defined responsibilities of the existing differentiated occupational groups in the field of early intervention to the overall system of the family and the necessary support.

Goals of the KFK's work

  1. Further development of the concepts of early help, as well as early intervention, as holistic help by implementing lifeworld-oriented approaches in the child's social community
  2. Testing and research of transdisciplinary working methods in interdisciplinary teams
  3. Scientific support of innovative approaches and research in the field of early intervention
  4. Information and consulting services for day care centers and schools as well as youth work facilities and other institutions of semi-stationary and stationary work
  5. Support and guidance for integration and inclusion goals
  6. Continuing education for professionals through in-service programs, in-house training, and a master's degree program