Members of the Institute and their expertise

Prof. Dr. Petra J. Brzank

As a sociologist with a doctorate in public health and proven expertise in empirical social research, her focus is on social epidemiology, the social determinants of health, and here, in particular, the factors of gender, migration and interpersonal violence. Research projects and diverse publications prove her to be an expert in her field.


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Prof. Dr. Sabrina Schramme

…contributes her knowledge of inclusive pedagogy,  dealing with heterogeneity in the context of inclusive life course processes, as well as  intersectionality research. As a rehabilitation scientist, the crucial reference to power and domination in inclusion, participation and social inequality is particularly important to her, as is a participatory orientation towards biographical aspects in research. These contribute to developing a comprehensive view of intersectionality and health in different social contexts.

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Siegel

… is  notably concerned with questions of access to health care. What role do social categories and their interdependencies play in combination with structural, system-immanent barriers for the (non-)utilization and service provision of health care? Why do persons of certain gender and origin, for example, use or not use outpatient psychotherapeutic or medical services with certain persons of other gender and origin? What, if any, discriminatory or violent experiences are certain persons of certain social category constellations exposed to (e.g., in obstetrics) and others not? Why are certain individuals offered health care services and others do not know about them? What structural changes in care would need to be made to provide greater health equity? The focus is on intersectional care research in the so-called "last mile of care systems."

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Kristina Winter, M.A.

is a sociologist with research interests in (international) child and adolescent health, socialization, and sexual health and violence. The importance of health inequalities and equity as well as the analysis of possible protection and risk factors are the focus of her quantitative and qualitative empirical social research. Especially in the important topic of "intersectionality and health", the view of the adolescent generation must not be missing - because they form the foundation of the future society.