Coming Soon: Mobile Showroom

To increase the reach of the transfer activities of the University of Nordhausen, a mobile showroom will be utilized, with the aim of increasing awareness of the university accomplishments and services in the business, organizational, administrative, and societal sectors and to attract potential partners for future collaboration. The showroom allows the university to actively engage with its partners, as well as the citizens of Nordhausen, North Thuringia and neighbouring states. The showroom will exhibit current scientific findings and explain approaches to societal challenges through practical everyday topics at regularly changing locations. Additionally, information will be provided about current and planned projects in the region.

Like the university, the showroom is GreenTech. It is a pneumatic tent solution: enclosed, inflatable, frameless, and self-supporting. The tents come in a range of sizes and can be combined and flexibly adjusted to meet various needs, allowing for multifunctional use of the interior space, and enabling the realization of different event formats such as trade show appearances, presentations, or exhibitions. The electric bus is an integral part of the concept, it serves as a power source and a permanent exhibit feature, allowing for hands-on and engaging scientific experiences, including demonstrations of how energy is generated using PV modules and consumed through showroom operations. The electric bus also serves as a means of transportation for the tents and equipment.