Mobile showroom | hands-on science

Where is science in the right place? Where it is applied, of course. And that is in the heart of society, in companies and administrations.

That's why we are out and about with the university's researchers in the region and beyond to show what makes you special: practice-oriented research with a focus on digitalization, green tech/climate protection and public services.

What do we want to achieve with the mobile showroom?

The aim is to make the achievements of the university's researchers better known in business, organizations, administration and society and to attract new interested parties for further cooperation. With the showroom, the university actively engages with partners and citizens in the region of northern Thuringia and the neighboring districts of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

This transformable space not only serves as a showcase for the university's research, but also invites interactive participation and discussion. The showroom enables direct contact with external interest groups and thus promotes active dialog on research topics and projects. The presentation of scientific results gives visitors an insight into the university's innovative strength. The space can also be used to generate new ideas and initiate collaborative projects.

Various interactive formats, including workshops, lectures and expert discussions, are offered to promote constructive exchange and arouse the interest of visitors.

What makes the mobile showroom special?

The name says it all: we are mobile thanks to a small pneumatic tent ensemble and an electric transporter. The tents in different sizes can be combined and flexibly adapted to requirements. This enables multifunctional use of the interior and various event formats, such as trade fair appearances, lectures or exhibitions, can be realized. The e-transporter serves as a power source and permanent exhibit, allowing visitors to experience hands-on science. It can be used as an example to illustrate how energy is generated with PV modules and consumed for the operation of the showroom. The e-bus also serves as a means of transportation for the tents and inventory.

In addition to the frame, the showroom offers basic equipment including a 3D printer, laser engraver and various microscopes as well as a video conferencing system.