The library provides numerous licensed databases for research.

List of databases (sorted alphabetically)

These and other databases are also available sorted by subject in the database information system DBIS.

Beck online - Law

Full-text database of law with access from all computers of the HSN.

You have access to the following modules:

  • University module
  • NomosOnline Social Law
  • NomosOnline Federal Law

Link:  Beck online

Link to the user manual: User manual

Note: For lecturers of our university there is the possibility to get a home access for this database. If you are interested, please contact the university library.

Elsevier / ScienceDirect - multidisciplinary

The scientific publisher Elsevier provides English-language e-books and freely accessible e-journals from social, economic and technical subject areas via its online portal ScienceDirect.

Access is possible campus-wide.

Please note: This database also contains content that is not licensed by us. You can recognise full-text access by the orange box in the results list.

Access:  ScienceDirect

ScienceDirect - Help: Help-file

External access:  Shibboleth - Instructions

Environment digital - Environmental statistics

Almost daily access to the full text of all new and amended environmental regulations from the EU, the federal government and the Länder as well as selected regulations from international law.

Access: All PCs of the library

LOGIN required! Please contact the information desk!

Link:  Environment digital

Nomos eLibrary - Law

As part of a DFG grant, there is access to around 1,700 e-books from 2017 and 2018, primarily on topics in law.

All titles are available as a complete download from the campus network and via Shibboleth. The e-books can also be searched via the Discovery Tool or the OPAC of the university library.

Link:  Nomos eLibrary

Accessing e-books from off-campus: Shibboleth - Instructions

Perinorm / VDE Standards - DIN Standards

Perinorm is a full-text database of all currently valid DIN standards and draft standards including pre-standards and supplementary sheets as well as the VDI guidelines. Access is via Perinorm. Authorised users are members of the university, lecturers and guest lecturers, other members of the university, students and visitors to the library who use an IP address within the defined address ranges. Standards may only be printed or permanently stored for personal academic use.

Commercial use is not permitted.

Attention: VDE standards can be found in a separate database (see below).

Link:  Perinorm

User manual:  Perinorm user manual

VDE standards

Full-text database of all valid DIN standards on electrical engineering and information technology. The standards are additionally marked VDE (e.g. DIN VDE 0100-570/ VDE 0100-570). It is not possible to download documents.

Access: Only via research PCs (Discovery Tool and OPAC) in the library

  • 2x in the entrance area
  • 2x level 0
  • 1x level 3
  • 1x level 4

Link:  VDE standards

SpringerLink eJournals - multidisciplinary journals

SpringerLink is one of the most popular databases for e-books and e-journals.

Here you will find full-text access to approx. 2,800 e-journals published by Springer Nature (including Springer Medical, Palgrave, Adis and Macmillan Academic) on social and economic sciences, but also on technical subjects.

The following journals are not included: Nature journals, magazines (e.g. Scientific American, Spektrum der Wissenschaft), technical journals (e.g. ATZ and MTZ).

From the period 1860 - 1997, much content has also been made searchable and freely accessible.

A detailed list of the journals included can be found under the following link:

Link:  SpringerLink

External access:  Shibboleth - Instructions

Statista - Statistics

The statistics portal Statista gives you direct access to relevant statistics on markets, consumers and social issues. Statista does not generate statistics itself, but works together with renowned partners.

The campus licence contains only German-language statistics.

Link:  Statista

Statista - Help & FAQ: Help & FAQ

External access:  Shibboleth - Instructions

UTB studi-e-books - multidisciplinary

Through the UTB-studi-e-books you have access to approx. 1,900 e-books from economics, social sciences and engineering.

The e-books can also be searched via the OPAC of the university library.

Link: UTB-studi-e-books

Accessing e-books from off-campus: Shibboleth - Instructions

WEKA - Security

Full-text databases with access from all HSN computers. The licensed contents
of the WEKA Business Portal are:

  • Occupational Safety
  • Fire protection / Fire brigade
  • Quality management
  • Environmental protection

Link:  Login WEKA Business Portal

Wiley Online Library - Interdisciplinary journals

The Wiley Online Library offers full-text access to approx. 1,700 e-journals published by Wiley / Wiley-VCH.

The journal articles included cover social, economic and natural science subject areas.

All journals are available from the campus network and can be searched in OPAC or the Discovery Tool.


External access:  Shibboleth - Instructions

WISO - Economics and Social Sciences

This database offers access to approx. 14 million journal articles from the fields of economics and social sciences. Access is possible from all computers in the university network.

Link:  WISO

WISO - Help: Help file

Video - Tutorial: Video - Tutorial

External access:  Shibboleth - Instructions

WTi Frankfurt Databases - Technology

These are bibliographic databases of the WTI Frankfurt e.G. For the creation of these databases, technical journals, conference proceedings, research reports and dissertations are evaluated.

The following databases are available:    

  • DOMA Mechanical and Plant Engineering
  • WEMA Metallic and non-metallic materials, glass, ceramics and composites
  • ZDE Electrical Engineering/Electronics/Information and Communication Technology
  • ENTEC Energy Technology

Access to the database is possible from all HSN computers. The articles can be ordered by interlibrary loan.

Link:   WTI Frankfurt

Search hints: Search hints

External access:Shibboleth login page (Shibboleth - Instructions)