Plagiarism control with URKUND

Lecturers can obtain access to the URKUND plagiarism detection system via the university library.

URKUND is a software programme that compares the text passages of a submitted thesis with a large number of other sources and marks questionable passages in the result. Thus, special attention can be paid to these passages when evaluating the thesis.

In order to use URKUND, you must register as a user of this software. To do so, please fill out the registration form and send it to You will then receive a separate URKUND e-mail address which you can pass on to your students. They send their work in the data formats .doc, .odt or .pdf to this e-mail address.

After the work has been checked, you as a lecturer will receive an e-mail to your regular university e-mail address. In the e-mail, you will receive a link to the check protocol in which all questionable passages of the submitted work are marked. The submitted work is stored in a kind of "inbox" to which only the respective lecturer has access.

Important instructions for using URKUND can be found in this manual.

For further information, please use the official URKUND manual or contact

Your contact person is: André Schäfer, University Library, Tel.: 03631 - 420 189.