Media Center

The Media Center is the central institution responsible for the IT infrastructure of Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences. The tasks include:

  • Planning, procurement and support of the university's campus network, connection to the state network and the Internet,
  • Supervision of the computer workstations and computer pools for research and teaching,
  • Supervision of the central servers for WWW, e-mail, news and other services,
  • Advising and supporting the departments in the procurement of hardware and software within the framework of special licensing procedures with Adobe, Microsoft, etc.,
  • Advice and support for students in the use of the computer pools, in the use of the wireless LAN, in the context of internships, semester and diploma theses, as well as in general questions concerning the computer center.


You will find further information and instructions in the section Service Media Center.


Please report malfunctions, problems or requests by e-mail to or by telephone at 420-888.