Service Media Center

Further information on the services of the media center mentioned here is available on the intranet (user login required).

Wishes, problems, disturbances?

Please send reports of malfunctions, problems or requests by email to: or by phone at: 420-888.

Mail server of the HSN

To improve the communication possibilities at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences, an e-mail server is used for our students. In an ad-free web environment you can send and receive your mails, read, manage, edit e-mails. The service offered is comparable to the e-mail service of well-known providers.

The e-mail server provides a password-protected web interface for receiving, editing and sending e-mails. This means that you will have the same possibilities at any Internet access as "here on site".

WLAN access

On the campus of Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences, the WLAN network is not yet available across the board.


  • Mensa
  • Audimax
  • Outside area: forecourts library, Audimax, house 19
  • Building 12: Counseling room OG
  • Building 14: Counseling room OG
  • Building 18: Fouyer ground floor and upper floor, library in the reading rooms
  • Building 19: Foyer ground floor and upper floor 2, lecture hall 1/2, seminar room 3/5
  • Building 20: corridor areas and seminar rooms
  • Building 25: Lecture hall 3
  • Building 28: Forum 1/2
  • Building 34: corridors, lecture hall 4, seminar room 31

Feedback on malfunctions and suggestions for improvement are expressly welcome.