Central Student Advisory Service

Are you planning to study, but are not yet sure which career path you would like to take? Are you looking for an interesting course of study that will prepare you for your future profession in a practical way? You don't know whether you have the right prerequisites for a course of study? Then you have come to the right place.

Tasks of the Central Student Advisory Service

The tasks of the Central Student Advisory Service include:

  • Informing students and prospective students about study opportunities, goals, content, structure and requirements of the study program.
  • Advising students on the targeted organization of their studies in order to complete their studies within the standard period of study.

The Central Academic Advising Center at our university also offers advising on the following topics in particular:

  • Advising prospective students on study options and prerequisites
  • Advice on studying on a probationary basis
  • Advice on the application procedure
  • Leave of absence and re-entry into studies
  • Development of special study plans in dialogue with the examination committees of the study programs
  • Advice on changing study programs
  • Information about contact points for problems with study financing
  • Information about contact points for personal problems
  • Advice on § 4 of the Thuringian University Fees and Charges Act (long-term tuition fees)

How do I find the contact to the Central Student Advisory Service?

The staff of the Study Service Center will assist you in establishing contact and making appointments.

You can make your first contact at the Service Point either by phone at 03631 420-222 or in person during opening hours.

You also have the option of contacting the counselors Kerstin Kresel and Silke Umann directly. You will find their contact details on the right-hand side of this page.