We strive is to improve the quality of service at the Student Service Center. The Service Point is the first point of contact for all student matters. The office hours of the Examination Office and the Internship Office are now held in the Service Point (Room 18.0105). Individual appointments can also be made at the Service-Point in case of intensive counseling needs.

Tasks in the Service Point

The following tasks from the various areas are performed at the Service Point:

Internship Office


1. receiving internship contracts and handing them out after signing 2. receiving internship reports 3. handing in sick bills in case of illness during the internship (also in copy).

Student secretariat


1. receipt of all applications for application, leave of absence, exmatriculation, change of university for lateral entrants from other universities, change of study program, applications for payment exemptions of any kind (ticket, long-term fees) 2. questions and problems with re-registration 3. allocation of appointments for student advising 4. allocation of rooms

At the service point you will also find the Thoska office with all previous functionalities of the media center.