FAQ - Questions about thoska

Why do I need thoska?

The thoska has replaced the old library and copy cards and also serves as a personalized student ID card. With thoska, administrative processes are made more efficient and customer-friendly.

Who gets thoska?

At the Nordhausen University each student and employee receives the thoska since the winter semester 2008.

Is it possible to study without thoska?

No. From the winter semester 2008/09 the thoska is the only issued student ID.

Do I need a new thoska every semester?

No. The once received thoska accompanies you your entire study time at the university. On the lower part of the card is a rewritable area (thermal strip). Each semester, you can have this area rewritten using the self-service terminal with the current expiration date and the course data (validation).

Do I have to apply for the thoska?

Yes, the card must be requested using an application form and a passport photo. All information will be given with your admission.

What to do if there is no validity imprint on the card?

Newly issued chip cards for students must be provided with a validity imprint. This imprint (validation of the card) can be done by the student himself at the validation machine in Foyer House 18. If the validation on the thoska is incorrect (for example, no semester ticket) please contact the service point.

What to do when the end of validity is reached?

On thoska the end of validity (= semester end) is printed and stored in the chip. Then the validity end of the self-service terminal is updated by the function "renew validity" during the confirmation for a subsequent semester. This only happens after payment of the semester fee and activation by the student secretariat.

Where can I find the terminal for validation?

The terminal for validation is located in the foyer of the House 18 in front of the Student-Service-Center.

I am not present at the university. How do I update the validity of the card?

You are not in Nordhausen and the card has expired. You have already re-registered for the new semester by paying the semester fee. What can you do now?

Submit an application for validation of the Thoska and send it with your card and return envelope (ensure sufficient postage!) to the following adresse: 

Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences
thoska office
Weinberghof 4
99734 Nordhausen

How much does thoska cost?

The Thoska costs € 20 once. This amount is charged with the semester fee when you first enroll at the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.

Replacement card: According to the university's fee schedule, there are fees of 10.00 euros if the card is lost or improperly handled.

How do I devalue the money on the Thoska when I leave the university?

It is recommended to use up the credit on the Studierendenwerk electronic wallet for cafeteria, washing machine and the credit on the copying devices eletronic wallet for copying.

Studierendenwerk wallet: The canteen cash desk pays out the smallest amounts under € 1. For higher amounts of money, please submit an application for payment to the Thuringia Student Union

Copying Devices Wallet for Students: A refund of the credit can only be requested directly from Plantechnik Erfurt GmbH. You can find all important contact information at the website.