If you have lost your card, please have it blocked immediately. Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences accepts no liability for any damage caused by misuse.

Please inform the staff of the service point about the loss immediately. For the blocking we need your first and last name as well as the matriculation number.

  • you can always reach us by e-mail: thoskahs-nordhausen.de
  • by telephone: 03631 420-888
  • in person at the Service-Point (building 18, room 18.0105)

When your message reaches us, we will block your thoska as soon as possible to prevent misuse. A message will be sent immediately from the Service-Point to the Studierendenwerk, the library, the Media Center or the Student Service Center to block the card. The balance on the wallet of your card is to be considered like the contents of an objective wallet. Unfortunately, if you lose it, the money is gone too, unless the finder is honest! The preparation of a replacement card is done after application and deposit of 10 euros.



My thoska is back!

For security reasons, we can only unblock cards that have been found again if you state your first and last name as well as your matriculation or personnel number. From experience, the unblocking at the Studierendenwerk Thüringen and the library takes 1 to 2 days. Afterwards, your card should work as usual! If a new thoska has already been issued in the meantime, the recovered card only has sentimental value - it cannot be reactivated. The credit balance on the recovered thoska will be paid out.