The Geo-Engineering degree course combines Geoscience with the daily challenges of engineering. Limited resources, energy reversal and climate change are factors, which have a growing influence on our daily life. The sustainable use of these factors is becoming more and more important, so that future generations can life in a green and healthy environment. Geo-Engineering’s main tasks are the smart and forward-looking use of resources and the revolution of construction infrastructure, in order to unite efficiency and sustainability.

Study Geo-Engineering: Because our great-grandchildren should live in a healthy environment

The Geo-Engineering degree course provides students with a comprehensive expertise. On a solid scientific basis, Geosystems are analyzed, characterized and reflected. Traditional topics such as the extraction of raw materials and drinking water, current topics such as the geotechnical assessment of wind turbines and the use of geothermal resources, future topics such as energetic urban redevelopment and the permanent absorption of greenhouse gases in Geo systems are discussed and deepened in various modules.

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Applications are again possible from April 15 of each year.

Career prospects

When graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Geo-Engineering, graduates have numerous opportunities to apply their expertise. Whether it’s in an engineering office, resource management, construction company, public institution, research institution or environmental organization: The Geo-Engineering degree enables graduates to work in different economic sectors.

Entry requirements

To study Geo-Engineering at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences applicants need a higher education entrance qualification (Abitur, Matura, Baccalauréat, A-level, Leaving Certificate etc.).

Additionally, international applicants need to verify sufficient knowledge of the German language, since this degree course is taught in German. Further details can be found at the International Office section.

Course structure

In the Geo-Engineering degree course at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences you learn to answer the following questions:

  • How did the geosphere with all it’s resources emerge?
  • How are the hydro-, litho-, pedo- and atmosphere related to the anthroposphere?
  • How are the different geo systems explored, characterized and sustainably cultivated?
  • How are buildings in geo systems planned?
  • When is a building stable?
  • How are resources sustainably obtained, prepared and provided?
  • What damage can a non-sustainable cultivation of geo resources do?
  • How can the damages be repaired?
  • What are “post-mine landscapes”?
  • What does Geo-Engineering contribute to energy and climate change?

Is Geo-Engineering the right course for me?

Are you interested in sustainable extraction and use of resources? Do you want to contribute to energy and climate reversal and plan buildings for this cause? Then studying Geo-Engineering at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences is the right choice for you!

Further information about the degree course can be found on the German website

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