Inclusive Studies (B.A.)

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Inclusive Studies are fundamentally concerned with inclusion of people with disabilities, developmental risks or disadvantages as an integral part of society. The goal is to provide help and support in coping with everyday life and improving abilities. Upon successful completion of your bachelor degree course in Inclusive Studies, you will be entitled to apply for the title "state-approved curative educator" (state recognition). They have the opportunity to work in areas such as early childhood education, childcare, child and adolescent psychiatry, schools, residential facilities and workshops for people with disabilities. Alternatively, you have the opportunity to become self-employed with a curative education practice.

    What is Inclusive Studies for?

    As a curative educator, it is your task to implement the inclusion offer according to the UN Disability Convention. Of particular importance are the practical implementation of scientific findings and social core competencies. The objectives of the Bachelor degree course derive from these requirements:

    • Orientation towards an autonomous life practice,
    • Imparting the theoretical foundations of inclusive studies,
    • Teaching interdisciplinary, scientifically founded knowledge in the field of social work,
    • Knowledge transfer in the field of applied human, health and social sciences,
    • Knowledge in the field of management,
    • Teaching scientific methods,
    • Knowledge of social and administrative law,
    • Knowledge of special fields of action of curative education,
    • Action concepts and methods,
    • Preparation for a Europe-wide job market.

    Entry requirements

    General higher education entrance qualification, subject-specific higher education entrance qualification and at least twelve weeks pre-study internship in a social, nursing or educational field of work or a completed education in an educational, social or health professional occupation.