Bachelor degree course: Industrial Engineering for Sustainable Technologies

With a degree in Industrial Engineering for Sustainable Technologies from Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences you can, for example, be a project manager, planning engineer or development engineer. In fields of employment such as companies in the energy industry, planning offices for energy plants, public institutions, supervisory authorities, consulting companies, as well as banks and insurance companies, there are numerous options open to you after graduation.

To keep our environment green in the future

Sustainability means using resources in ways that can be profitable for future generations. Key words here are renewable energy, environmental protection and waste recycling.

As an industrial engineer, you form the interface between engineering and business administration, since your extensive knowledge in both areas enables you to balance both the economic aspects and the technical requirements of sustainable technologies.

Have you already made a decision?

Applications are again possible from April 15 of each year.

Career prospects

The course concept guarantees a wide range of application possibilities for graduates, both in the engineering and business administration fields. These include e.g. activities as project manager, planning or development engineer.

Graduates of the degree course find their career prospects

  • in companies of the energy industry such as municipal utilities and energy supply companies
  • in planning and planning offices for energy plants
  • in public institutions and supervisory authorities
  • in consulting and consulting companies for the energy industry
  • in banks and insurance companies focusing on energy

Entry requirements

To study Industrial Engineering for Sustainable Technologies (B.Eng.) at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences you need a general university entrance qualification, subject-specific higher education entrance qualification, university of applied sciences entrance qualification or an equivalent recognized degree.

Course structure

With a focus on renewable energy, you will not only learn how to develop, plan and operate systems and equipment during the bachelor's degree course Industrial Engineering for Sustainable Technologies - the entrepreneurial perspective will also be conveyed to you during the course.

Furthermore, the course provides you with knowledge in related topics, such as energy management, business information technology, environmental and energy law and project management, to open as many doors to the professional world as possible. A foreign language is also part of the curriculum.

Is Industrial Engineering for Sustainable Technologies the right degree course for me?

If you are interested in mathematics, physics and environmental protection and have a general technical background, then this course is right for you. You want to develop new ways to generate energy and enjoy research and systemic work.

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