Structure of the course of study International Business Administration (currently in German)

Course Profile

The special profile of the Course of study International Business Administration is to be seen in the fact that it lives up to the attribute of internationality both through professionally adequate, application-oriented teaching content and through international cooperation with foreign universities as well as companies (mandatory semester abroad or internship abroad).

The standard period of study is three years. The respective semester hours per week comprise the weekly number of hours for which courses are scheduled within a semester. One semester hour lasts 45 minutes. Two such semester hours each constitute a lecture unit of 90 minutes. On average, the compulsory courses within a semester have a volume of more than 20 SWS.

ECTS credits are a quantitative measure of the time required for the course of study. As a rule, 30 ECTS credits are allocated per semester, which corresponds to a workload of approximately 900 hours. On average, a 40-hour week is thus assumed for the working time of a student.

    Course content

    The study of International Business Administration comprises a compulsory and an elective area:

    • The modules from the compulsory area must be completed without exception.
    • The compulsory elective area is divided into "Compulsory Elective Area I: Projects". For this, an English-language subject project must be chosen within the framework of the International Project Week. On the other hand, two specialization subjects must be taken in the "Elective Compulsory Area II: Specialization Subjects". The specialization subjects each consist of three modules of 4 SWS each. One module is offered in English. In addition, the students have to write a study paper in one of the two specialization subjects.
    • In the "Elective Compulsory Area III: Supplementary Subjects", students can choose a (predominantly) English-language supplementary subject from a catalog of electives. These include, for example, "E-Business/Apps and Processes" and "Intercultural Communication / Cultural Studies". In addition, a second "elective foreign language" (Spanish) is possible.

    Course Modules

    The course is composed of 28 study modules distributed among the following subject areas:

    Compulsory area:

    Business Administration
    Accounting and Taxes
    Quantitative Methods
    Specialized English

    Professional seminar (internship and colloquium)
    Bachelor seminar (paper and colloquium)

    Elective course I:

    Specialized project

    Compulsory elective area II:

    Study specializations

    Compulsory elective area III:

    Supplementary subject (changing offers)