Bachelor degree course: Internet - Technology and Applications


This is a discontinued study program.
Enrollments are no longer possible!

By choosing the Bachelor degree course Internet – Technology and Applications you belong to the highly requested MINT-group. A group consisting of mathematicians, computer scientists, nature scientist and technicians.

The degree course deals with data networks (internet), computers (hard- and software) and the use of the internet or internet applications. These three areas are not only needed in technology and science, but in all social networks and daily life. Therefore the area of programming covers both Internet – Technology and Applications, and mobile apps.
Internet – Technology and Applications graduates can work in systems and technology development, research, production or service sectors. Their broad knowledge about computer hard- and software, applications and networks offers a variety of employment opportunities in all areas of commercial and public service.

Career prospects

With knowledge of computer hard- and software as well as data networks, there are many career prospects for Internet – Technology and Applications graduates. You can work in the commercial sector and public service, where you might be especially interested in technology and system development, research, production or service sectors that design applications.


Entry requirements

To study the Bachelor degree course Internet - Technology and Applications at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences applicants need a higher education entrance qualification (Abitur, Matura, Baccalauréat, A-level, Leaving Certificate etc.).
Additionally, international applicants need to verify sufficient knowledge of the German language, since this degree course is taught in German. Further details can be found at the International Office section.

Course structure

The degree course Internet – Technology and Applications equips you with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the following subjects:

  • Use of computer and communication networks
  • Process and order analysis, modeling and simulation
  • Programming and software engineering
  • Connecting computer hardware with communication technology
  • Interaction of hard- and software
  • Design and programming of applications and applets
  • Communication technology software and internet application development
  • Programming languages in different environments
  • Dealing with technology and internet protocols
  • Handling projects with an interdisciplinary approach

Is Internet – Technology and Applications the right degree course for me?

Internet – Technology and Applications students should have an excellent understanding of mathematics, a strong ability to concentrate and to think logically. Besides a good command of English is an advantage.


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More information about the study program

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