Student Council Social Management

Members of the Student Council




Sophie Bauer


Benedikt Kämmerer


Denise Henkel


Naima Wimmer


Salam Haile


Felix Knodel

Public FSR meetings

When: Every Monday at 4:00 p.m.

Where: House 20, SR 11

What can we do for you?

  • General consulting

  • Consulting in examination matters

  • Organization of parties and celebrations for the course of study SoMa

  • Representation of student interests to the departmental council, the student council and the university council

  • Help with problems with professors, lecturers and teaching assistants

  • Help with problems with the institutions of the UAS and administrative procedures

  • Promotion and deepening of the contact among the students of the course of study SoMa

General information about the Student Council

What is a council?

The council consists of all students of the respective course of study. Every student of a course of study is therefore a member of the student council and entitled to vote. Each student council elects representatives for the respective student council once a year.

What is a student council?

A student council consists of elected members of the respective council. It consists of a minimum of three and a maximum of twelve members. Every registered student can stand for election. The FSR is elected for the duration of two semesters or for one year.

The tasks of the Student Representative Council (FSR)

  • Goal: To represent the student interests of the students of the course of study SoMa towards the StuRa, the departmental council and the university council.
  • to give advice on problems with professors, lecturers, teaching assistants and administrative procedures as well as with institutions of the HSN
  • promotion and deepening of the contact among the students of the course of study SoMa
  • Administration of the funds due to the student council
  • Organization and support of student projects and events.

Full council meeting

A full council meeting (FSVV) takes place once, usually at the beginning of a semester. In this meeting the goals and the members of the Student Council of the council SoMa are presented. The FSVV is the highest decision-making body of the council SoMa. In these meetings the goals, ideas and proposals concerning the course of study SoMa are discussed and carried out by the FSR. Also changes to the statutes of the FSR SoMa are decided in the FSVV.