lectures summer semester 2024

Department of Economic and Social Sciences

Business Administration (BA)
Digital Product Management (BA)
Health and social services (BA)
Inclusive studies (BA)
Innovation and change management (MA)
Public Management (BA)
Public Management & Governance (MA)
Social Management (BA)
Therapeutic Social Work (MA)

Department of Engineering

Automation and Electronics Development (B.Eng.)
Computer Engineering for IoT Systems (M.Eng.)
Electrical Engineering (B.Eng.)
Environmental and Recycling Technology (M.Eng.)
Geotechnics (B.Eng.)
Computer Science (B.Eng.)
Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng.)
Product development and production (M.Eng.)
Regenerative Energy Technology (B.Eng.)
Renewable Energy Systems (M.Eng.)
Environmental and Recycling Technology (B.Eng.)