Dean's office of the Department of Engineering

Dean of the department|Professor Dr.-Ing. Folker Flüggen

Vice Dean of Research|Professor Dr.-Ing. Thomas Link

Vice Dean of Teaching|Professor Dr. Mario Schölzel

Team Assistent|Simone Krauthöfer


Deans of Student Affairs of the Department of Engineering

Status: July 2020

Course of study


Automation and Electronics Engineering (B.Eng.)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Matthias Viehmann

Electrical Engineering (B.Eng.)

Professor Dr.-Ing.Stephan Scholz

Geotechnical Engineering (B.Eng.)

Energetic Urban Redevelopment (M.Eng.)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Dieter D. Genske

Computer Science (B.Eng.)

Professor Dr. Mario Schölzel

Internet - Technology and Applications (B.Eng.)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Ralf Tosse

Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng.)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Folker Flüggen

Renewable Energies Engineering (B.Eng.)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schabbach

Environmental and Recycling Engineering (B.Eng.)

Professor Dr. Uta Breuer

Business Administration and Engineering for Sustainable Technologies (B.Eng.)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Frank Wiese

Mechatronics (M.Eng.)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Peter Neitzke

Renewable Energy Systems (M.Eng.)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Joachim Fischer

Systems Engineering (M.Eng.) / Energy Systems (M.Eng.)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Thomas Link

Business Administration and Engineering (M.Eng.)

Dr. Christoph Brodhun