Trial internship for pupils

Pupils and their teachers can get a taste of university air. During the semester break, the laboratories of the Environmental and Recycling Technology Engineering course are open for trial internships.

Under the guidance of the laboratory engineers, exciting experiments and trials in chemistry, microbiology and physics are offered. For example, students can test the pH values of everyday products, try out paper chromatography and indicators, conduct experiments in plastics chemistry, look at microorganisms under a microscope or explore the way solar cells work. Various titrations, qualitative analyses and instrumental analysis are on the programme for pupils of the upper secondary school.

Contact person for chemistry: Dipl.-Chem. Susann Petzold, Phone 03631 420-323

Contact person for Microbiology: Microbiol. assistant Anja Wagner, Phone 03631 420-366

Contact person for Physics: Dr. Reiner Haupt, Phone 03631 420-372

Photos of the trial internship with the Schiller-Gymnasium Bleicherode