Funding opportunities for students in postgraduate programmes

You can obtain a basic overview of financing and funding options for a postgraduate programme from various information sites, such as,,,

The German Education Server's funding search for postgraduate programmes enables more in-depth research into the programmes. Here you can find offers for further education funding and legal regulations for further education and use the menu selection to find offers that may be suitable for you.

Over the same platform also the promotion possibilities country widely (D), as well as the country-specific promotion possibilities of the Lands of the Federal Republic*, as for example education vacation/educational release law are clearly represented.

In addition, the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs offers a digital continuing education guide in cooperation with the employment agencies.

In some cases, employers contribute to the costs of a continuing education master's program/certificate programme/further education course. In turn, they have the option of obtaining company-specific subsidies. When talking to your employer, you are welcome to refer to the Employer Service of the Employment Agency.

The costs of further education can be claimed against tax, for example as income-related expenses. You can obtain advice on this from the tax office.

We hope that this compilation will be helpful for you in finding a suitable funding opportunity for your academic further education at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences. That's what we wish for you! Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Your team of the Center for Further Education at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences