Courses on offer

The Language Centre of the University of Applied Sciences in Nordhausen offers courses at different levels to meet the requirements of all students who study here.  For English, immediately after registration, students are required to take an online placement test to assess their competences in the language, after which they are placed in groups appropriate to their level.

Students are required to take an examination at the end of each semester and this in accordance with the stipulations of the Study and Exam Regulations.

At the moment the following courses are being offered:

  • English B2, C1
  • French A1-A2, B1-B2
  • Italian A1-A2
  • Spanish A1-A2, B1-B2
  • Russian A1-C1


Depending on the possibilities, other languages can be offered as tutorials.

Beginners Courses – Level A1 CEFR (with the exception of English)

Beginners' courses aim to provide students with basic knowledge of new languages.  For some programmes of studies, these courses are optional, for others they are obligatory.

The minimal entry requirement for students taking English is level B2, and thus courses for total beginners are not offered in this language.  Students with a low level of English knowledge are recommended to avail of our self-access learning facilities.

The aim of our beginners' courses is to equip students with the basic language skills essential for successful everyday communication in the target language.  To achieve this, students are required to master basic vocabulary for use in daily-life situations and to develop their confidence when communicating in the language.  In addition, they acquire the necessary basics of grammar to further develop their communication skills.

Language Courses Level B2 CEFR

In the B2 courses, existing language knowledge and skills will be worked on more intensively.  Students are enabled to further develop their communication skills in the general use of the language and later expand their skills to become competent in the professional sphere.  They also increase their familiarity with specific vocabulary and more complex grammar structures, as well as further develop their confidence when communicating in the target language for social and business situations.

Language Courses Level C1 CEFR

Language courses at level C1 are offered mainly to students taking English.  They are aimed at students who come to the University of Applied Sciences with a very high level of language skills from their A-Levels.

In these courses, students acquire competences necessary for communicating in more complex professional situations.  They further increase their knowledge of practice-oriented terminology within their specific fields of study and master  advanced grammar structures.

Students have the option to prepare themselves for internships and study semesters abroad. To this effect, the essential intercultural competences also figure as key elements of courses at this level.