Course offerings

The Language Center of Nordhausen University offers courses at different levels. For English, an "online placement test" takes place after enrollment for course placement.

Each semester, a course credit has to be completed according to the examination regulations of the respective course of study.


Depending on the possibilities, other languages can be offered as tutorials.

At the moment our program includes the following offers:




B2, C1


A1-A2, B1-B2




A1-A2, B1-B2



Beginner courses - level A1 CEFR (except English)

Beginners' courses are designed for new language acquisition and are primarily attended by students who wish to learn another foreign language in addition to the compulsory language.

In the beginner courses, students acquire basic vocabulary, basic communication skills, and basic knowledge of grammar.

At least English level B2 is usually required for admission to the university, therefore we do not offer beginner courses in English. Students with very little knowledge of English are invited to take advantage of our counseling, e-learning offerings for self-study and tutorials.

Language courses level B2 CEFR

B2 language courses are designed to consolidate existing basic knowledge, expand vocabulary and grammar, and develop communicative skills.

Language courses level C1 CEFR

The language courses at level C1 are offered mainly in English. They are aimed at students with a very good command of English.

In these courses you will expand your vocabulary to include the area of technical language in addition to more complex grammatical structures.

The courses prepare you linguistically for an internship, work or study abroad and you acquire the basic intercultural skills.