Master degree course: Mechatronics

Mechatronics is a term that is composed of mechanics and electronics, and is the interaction of classical mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and automation. None of the three mentioned sub-areas can do without the other two. The Master degree course Mechatronics follows the advent of extensive automation in the daily environment of each and in the industrial processes.

Career prospects

Graduates of the Master degree course Mechatronics have very good future prospects. Due to the application orientation in the degree course, the fields of application are very wide-ranging, eg. as:

  • research and development engineer
  • project engineer
  • project Manager
  • production engineer
  • technical employee in public service
  • expert
  • research assistant in research institutions
  • application engineer
  • product manager

Entry requirements

For studying the Mechatronics degree course (M.Eng.) at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences you need a Bachelor's degree as Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science.

Course structure

The first lecture semester includes the compulsory subjects "Mechatronic Systems I", "Mechatronic Laboratory", "Numerical Mathematics", "Simulation of Dynamic Systems" and Qualification Design. Qualification development allows for different initial qualifications that the necessary foundations for the study of mechatronics can be made up. The modules are selected according to a special study plan to be determined by the Dean of Studies, taking into account the interests of the students. In the case of a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, for example, two specialization modules of the study program "Automation and Electronic Engineering" would be provided in the qualification structure. Predestined would be CAD deepening I and design theory.
An essential role in the concept of the degree course is provided by the planned project work. In the project work the students are guided to independent scientific work, which takes places in the Institute of Computer Science, Automation and Electronics (IAE) of Nordhausen University. In the project work typical processes are run through, which are also to be found in the later professional environment. That goes from the definition of the goals, over the conversion, calculation of costs up to the conclusion and their transfer and presentation.
The compulsory optional subject offers students the opportunity to emphasize their own interests in the course of their studies. The electives offered are part of both lecture semesters and each have the scope of a standard module.

After dealing with the behavior of dynamic systems in general in the first semester, the second semester focuses on the mechatronic systems. Also in the second semester a project work is done.

The Master's Thesis in the last semester represents the completion of the three-semester degree course Mechatronics. In the sense of application-oriented study, the Master's thesis should be written outside of the university at a company or research institution.
Due to the small number of the degree course students and the direct contact between teachers, academic staff and students, there are good prerequisites for further developing the methodological knowledge of the students.

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