Master Theses in the degree programme Therapeutical Social Work

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Master theses in 2018


Topic of the master thesis

Nitz, Johanna

Cystic Fibrosis – Adolescence – Autonomy Development. Experience and Handling of Autonomy Development by Parents of Adolescents Affected by Cystic Fibrosis

Funke, Julia

The future of digital supply structure in addiction counseling centers. Requirements and opportunities in Thuringia.

Lamparter, Elvira

Influences of employment opportunities according to §16d SGB II on health. A quantitative research in the administrative district of Nordhausen

Demel, Jana

Therapeutic relationship in child and youth psychotherapy - A Comparison of theoretical and personal relationship concepts of practicing therapists in relation to therapeutic orientation and occupational groups

Häfner, Janina

Conflict area psychiatry and youth welfare? A qualitative study on the organisation of cooperation between the staff of child and adolescent psychiatry and inpatient child and youth welfare


Mental disorders and participation in childhood. Study of possible limitations in participation and activity of children in inpatient treatment using the Mini-ICF APP (6-12)

Lemm, Franziska

Parental Influence on the sibling relationship - a qualitative study of same-sex sibling couples

Stahl, Christina

Secondary Traumatization of mental health care workers in ambulant assisted care - Self-care as a protective factor in the work with traumatized clients

Bötel, Norika Marei

Results of a quantitative study in the member centers of the Bundesweiten Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Psychosozialen Zentren für Flüchtlinge und Folteropfer e.V. (BAfF) - Analysis of supply structure in response to increased demand

Theißng, Carla Ruth

Development promotion in crisis intervention centres for infants and young children