If you are an alumni, you have made it: you have successfully completed your studies and earned an academic degree!

Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences invites its alumni to an annual get-together where maintaining contacts is a top priority.

The next Alumni Day will take place on May 21, 2022. If you would like to be kept up to date on further planning, please get in touch with the contact details on the right.

AlumniTag means:

  • Reuniting with fellow students and faculty.
  • building and maintaining networks, also for your own perspective
  • informal get-togethers with other HSN alumni
  • in the evening to the alumni buffet in the refectory
  • afterwards party in the Karzer (like in the past)

In addition, there is always the opportunity to gain insight into current developments in research and teaching.


HSN is looking for short video portraits of its alumni to show what exciting career fields are conquered with a degree. We know it, but we also want to spread the word. Interested? Then please contact:

Network participation

In order to become alumni of Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences and part of the network after graduation, a self-registration with double opt-in procedure is required for data protection reasons. Via this registration, graduates secure information on alumni-relevant topics.

Alumni registration and job exchange

On the alumni website, in addition to the registration form, you can also find current job offers that match the courses of study at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences. For the jobs as well as for the internships, there is a possibility to report a job and to enter an offer yourself.

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