Dean's Office and Programme Directors Department of Business, Economics and Social Sciences

The Dean's Office of the Department of Business, Economics and Social Sciences consists of the Dean as the head of the self-governing unit, three Associate Deans who also serve as Deans of Studies for their areas of study, and the Dean's Officer.

The deans of study support the deans of study in the coordination and representation of the study programmes and are responsible for the further development of the study and examination regulations.


Dean, Dean of Studies Public ManagementProf. Dr. Stefan Zahradnik
Vice Dean, Dean of Studies Health and Social ServicesProf. Dr. Andreas Seidel
Vice Dean, Dean of Studies Business AdministrationProf. Dr. Robert Wagner 
Vice Dean, Dean of Studies Social ManagementProf. Dr. Torsten Schaumberg
Dean's OfficeDr. Stefan Arnold

Study program directors

Business Administration
Business Administration (B.A.)Prof. Dr. Gernot Kaiser
Digital Product Management (B.A.)Prof. Dr. Lutz Göcke
International Business Administration (B.A.)Prof. Dr. Robert Wagner
Innovation and Change Management (M.A.)Prof. Dr. Steffen Dörhöfer
Health and Social Care Studies
Health and Social Services (B.A.)Prof. Dr. Cordula Borbe
Special Education (B.A.)Prof. Dr. Claudia Spindler
Therapeutic Social Work (M.A.)Prof. Dr. Elke Gemeinhardt
Studie Area Public Management
Public Management (B.A.)Prof. Dr. Stefan Zahradnik
Public Management & Governance (M.A.)Prof. Dr. Stefan Zahradnik
Study Area Social Management
Social Management (B.A.)Prof. Dr. Torsten Schaumberg
Postgraduate Master Programmes
Systemic Consulting (M.A.)Prof. Dr. Andreas Bergknapp
Memorial work and human rights education in social professions (M.A.)Prof. Dr. Cordula Borbe
Transdisciplinary Early Intervention (M.A.)Prof. Dr. Andreas Seidel
Social Work and Trauma Education (M.A.)Prof. Dr. Elke Gemeinhardt