Equal Opportunity and Family Officer

The first contact point for you questions and issues concerning studies with children is the Equal Opportunity and Family Officer. Here you find solutions for organising and financing your studies. If needed you will be provided contact to additional counseling in Nordhausen.

It is equally important for us to learn about the challenges concerning the compatibility of family and studies as well as work at the university. This is the best way to develop family friendliness and targeted support.

Please share you issues and wishes with the Equal Opportunity and Family Officer - this way we can solve problems!

Gender Equality Advisory Board

The Gender Equality Advisory Board consists of:

  • the family and gender equality officer and the deputy
  • one member of the professors
  • one member of the employees and
  • one member of the students

The council meets in regular intervals to discuss current topics concerning equal opportunities and family policys. The council is available to all students and employees.


The members of the current advisory board are:

  • Prof. Sabine Seibold-Freund (equal opportunity and family officer)
  • Gabriele Marx-Tilp (equal opportunity and family deputy officer)
  • Prof. Sabrina Schramme (member of the professors)
  • Christiane Oeftiger (one member of the employees)
  • Sebastian Jäger (member of the students)