Students with children

Studying with a child is a particular challenge that requires organizational talent and flexibility. On the other hand, according to many studying parents, it's a particularly suitable time to decide for a child when still studying, because you have more time for the child than in your later professional life.

You can find out more about family-friendly measures in the German brochure "Study with a child at Nordhausen University" and on our German website (just switch the language).

A helpful collection of information and experiences can also be found on the homepage

If you have any questions or problems concerning the topic "Pregnant during studies" or "Studying with a child", our family and gender equality officer will be glad to help you.

Pregnant - and now?

The Studierendenwerk Thüringen also offers counseling for pregnant women and students with children as part of the general social counseling service.

A general consultation on the subject of "pregnancy and childbirth" can be obtained from free advice centers, eg. the family center Nordhausen.

There you will also find information on applying for the financial support of the HandinHand Foundation, which can offer especially studying parents without additional income a great financial aid when purchasing the initial equipment.