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COPSOQ survey for employees

The COPSOQ (Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire) is a scientifically validated questionnaire for assessing mental stress and strain at work. It is used in particular in the context of occupational risk assessment.

University Health Management, Occupational Medical Service and Occupational Safety


Health-promoting offers - in cooperation with the Techniker Krankenkasse - in the areas:

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Exercise and sport

Long periods of sitting can lead to tension and pain. Therefore, it is important to include regular movement breaks and to do sports. Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences would like to make a contribution to sporting variety in everyday life through various exercise offers:

  • Courses of the University sports
  • Campus run
  • German Sport Badge 2023 at the HSN
  • TPP (theory-practice project)
  • Health week (spine screening, muscle tone measurement, mobility check-office, sleep radar, back check-back test, neck check, etc.)
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Mindfulness, relaxation and resilience

  • Massage services for employees (every Tuesday)
  • Digital health week to promote & strengthen mental health
  • Workshops and impulse lectures on the topics of mindfulness, resilience and relaxation
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Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences sees itself as a healthy university that supports healthy eating and drinking and creates conducive conditions for healthy eating.

The Studierendenwerk Thüringen, as the operator of the cafeteria, offers students and employees with the menu line "mensaVital" a balanced meal offer with fish, meat, vegan and vegetarian dishes in a balanced ratio.

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Leadership Workshop

A group of managers from the areas of administration, science and research discuss leadership requirements and challenges and pursue the goal of developing a common understanding of leadership and thus shaping health-conscious leadership at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.

Central needs for action are to be identified and initial personnel development measures derived.

Members of the Steering Committee for University Health Management

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback regarding health management, please feel free to contact the members of the steering committee:

  • Jan Funke (Chancellor)
  • Beate Dietrich (Study Service Center)
  • Daniel Rübesamen (Occupational Safety Specialist)
  • Katrin Mönch (Assistant to the Chancellor)
  • Christoph Schmidt (FB Ing)
  • Thomas Hoffmann (Staff Council)
  • Prof. Dr. Elke Gemeinhardt (FB WiSo)
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Seidel (FB WiSo)
  • Jana Urbanek (WiSo Department)
  • Sara Montz-Schiller (Students)
  • Janine Knodel (preparatory course)
  • Mike Römer (Techniker Krankenkasse)

Occupational health service and occupational safety

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Occupational medical checkups for employees

The occupational health service offers ophthalmological examinations, workplace inspections, company doctor consultations and examinations for handling biological agents at regular intervals.

To make an appointment via Moodle.

Application for VDU glasses (for employees)

You can find more information about applying for VDU glasses on the intranet under the path: Employees/Occupational health and safety/Workplace aids.

Vaccination offer (for employees and students)

During the months of October and November, respectively, students and employees at the University may take advantage of the flu vaccination offer. An email to sign up will be sent to everyone in advance by the Office of the President.

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First responders

In the event of an accident or injury at the university, a first-aid provider (trained staff member) can be contacted depending on the type and urgency.

The following first aiders can be found in the various buildings of the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences:

  • Mrs. Werner (H 14)
  • Mrs. Krauthöfer (H 20)
  • Mrs. Arlet (H 28)
  • Mrs. Wagner (H 28)
  • Mr. Leibbrandt (H 34)
  • Mr. Schmidt (H 34)
  • Mrs. Urbanek (H 32)
  • Mrs. Scheiber (H 28)
  • Mrs. Hauschild (H 35)
  • Mr. Tabatt (H 25)
  • Mrs. Umann (H 18)
  • Mrs. Dietrich (H 18)
  • Mrs. Lustermann (H 20)

If you are an employee of Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences and are interested in being trained as a first aider, please contact the university's safety engineer:

Mr. Daniel Rübesamen e-mail: phone 0361 420-240).

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Accident report

Work and commuting accidents involving physical injury require a medical examination by a transit physician (D-doctor).

Such incidents must be reported to the university's safety engineer (contact: Daniel Rübesamen, e-mail, phone 0361 420-240) and an accident report must be filed.

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Women's relaxation room

The women's relaxation room is located in house 32, room no. 32.0023 (room name: 1st aid).

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Occupational Health and Safety Committee

The occupational health and safety committee has the task of advising on occupational health and safety issues, including health promotion related to working conditions. It is to ensure mutual information, exchange of experience and coordination in occupational health and safety at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.

Members of the Health and Safety Committee

  • Jan Funke (Registrar)
  • Daniel Rübesamen (Occupational Safety Specialist)
  • Thomas Hoffmann (Staff Council)
  • Anja Arlet (FB Ing)
  • Caroline Richert (company doctor)
  • Brigitte Dührsen (Assistant company doctor)

Occupational integration management

Integration team

  • Thomas Hoffmann (Staff Council)
  • Chistopher Senge (Representative for severely disabled persons)
  • Mandy Tabatt (Inclusion officer)
  • Jan Funke (Employer representative)