Student Councils

The pages of the student councils can be found under the named courses of study.

Faculty of Engineering

  • Student Council Regenerative Energy Technology
  • Student Council IAE (Computer Science, Automation and Electronics)
  • Student Council Environmental and Recycling Technology and Geotechnics
  • Student Council Industrial Engineering

Department of Economics and Social Sciences

Student Council Business Administration / International Business Administration

Tasks of the Student Council

The Student Council BW/IBW is responsible for representing the professional interests of the students of the Business Administration and International Business Administration program. It is the main mediator between students and lecturers or professors and, in its function, addresses student problems and concerns and, if necessary, helps with conflicts.

Members of the Student Council:

Jan-Lukas Bisping (BW)
Selina Weinhold (IBW)

Vice Chair
Philipp Kramer (BW)
Dimitar Zlatev (IBW)

Lukas Ruhberg (BW)

Deputy treasurer
Quynh Mai Duong (IBW)

Budget responsibility
Claas tom Wörden (IBW)

Deputy budgetary responsibility
Lukas Ruhberg (BW)


Feel free to contact us!

Send us an e-mail with questions, suggestions, feedback or problems. We will be happy to help you and try to support you in the best possible way.

E-mail: (for BW inquiries) (for IBW inquiries)