Departmental Council for Economics and Social Sciences

The departmental council is responsible for the most important academic and organizational matters in the department, such as

  • Election of the Dean
  • Appointment of the examination boards and the study commissions
  • Deciding on the members of appointment committees as well as appointment proposals
  • Establishment, modification and cancellation of courses of study
  • study, examination and internship regulations
  • Principles for equipment and allocation of funds within the department
  • Adoption of resolutions on the budget and the annual financial statement of the department.

The invitation period for meetings is 7 days. Questions and draft resolutions for consideration by the departmental council are to be sent to the dean's office. The meetings of the departmental council are open to the public. The FBR has a quorum if at least half of its voting members are present. Decisions on personnel matters are made by secret ballot. Resolutions may also be passed by electronic circulation. The meetings, including all resolutions, shall be minuted.

The department is divided into four study areas. These are:

  • Business Administration (BWL)
  • Health and Social Services (GuS)
  • Public Management (PuMa)
  • Social Management (SoMa)

Members of the departmental council as of October 1, 2022

(Election period 01.10.2022 - 30.09.2025)

Group of university professors:

  • Prof. Dr. Steffen Dörhöfer (Business Administration)
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Seidel (GuS)
  • Prof. Dr. Mark Fudalla (PuMa)
  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Schwien (SoMa)

Additional representatives:

(only entitled to vote on decisions relevant to science)

  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Arnsmeyer (Business Administration)
  • Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Uwe Saint-Mont (Business Administration)
  • Prof. Dr. Cordula Borbe (GuS)
  • Prof. Dr. Elke Gemeinhardt (GuS)
  • Prof. Dr. Elmar Hinz (PuMa)
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Zahradnik (PuMa)
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Bergknapp (SoMa)
  • Prof. Dr. Torsten Schaumberg (SoMa)

Group of employees:

  • Dipl.-Oec. Dipl.-Soz. Bernd Feuerlohn (Business Administration)
  • Dipl.-Sozialarb. (FH) Jana Urbanek (GuS)
  • Sarah-Rebecca Vollmann, M.A. (PuMa)

Group of students:

(term of office deviating 01.10.2022 - 30.09.2023)

  • Laurin Müller (BWL)
  • Sarah Schwarzbach (GuS)
  • Ulla Walther (PuMa)