Representative for severely disabled persons

As a representative of severely disabled...

  • we support the integration of severely disabled employees and employees with equal rights into the workplace
  • we represent their interests and provide them with advice and assistance
  • we ensure that the laws, regulations, collective agreements, company or service agreements and administrative orders applicable to severely disabled employees and employees of equal status are implemented, and in particular that the obligations incumbent on the employer under the Social Security Code are fulfilled

In doing so, we work closely and in a spirit of trust with the department, the employer's representatives and the staff council.

The representative body for severely disabled employees is elected by the disabled employees to represent their interests in accordance with SGB IX § 94. The term of office is four years.

The main tasks of the representative body for severely disabled persons are:

  • Representation of the interests of severely disabled people in the HS Nordhausen
  • Advising the severely disabled employees
  • Receiving and pursuing complaints and suggestions from severely disabled employees
  • Monitoring of legal regulations and agreements made in favor of severely disabled people
  • Support of employees in applications for the determination of a disability or equal status
  • Applying to the responsible authorities for measures that serve the severely disabled employees

Framework Inclusion Agreement (RIV)

Zwischen dem Thüringer Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Digitale Gesellschaft (TMWWDG), der Hauptschwerbehindertenvertretung beim TMWWDG und dem Hauptpersonalrat beim TMWWDG


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Representative of the severely disabled persons:

  •  Christopher Senge

    Christopher Senge, M.Eng.

    • Scientific assistant
    • Department: Department of Engineering
    • Institute: in.RET - Institut für Regenerative Energietechnik
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