Staff council

From May 2018 to May 2022, the staff council is composed of the following members:

Members of the council




Thomas Hoffmann


03631 420-135

Michael Franz


03631 420-345

Marion Bahr

Council member

03631 420-188

Nicola Bargfrede

Council member

03631 420-225

Sebastian Ziegler

Council member

03631 420-150

Sylvia Müller

Council member

03631 420-201

Christina Kloß

Council member


Colleagues can address their concerns to the chairman, his deputy or another staff council member they trust. In addition to this possibility of seeking direct contact when problems arise, there is a "Staff Council" mailbox on the first floor of Building 14 on the right behind the entrance, where concerns can be submitted in writing.

There is also a catchy e-mail address, which can be used to contact all members of the Staff Council electronically.

We ask all colleagues to use this channel to inform us promptly of any conflicts, questions, requests, etc. that arise.

Conversely, the Staff Council regularly provides information by e-mail about issues dealt with in the Staff Council or in the monthly meeting with the university management, insofar as these are of general interest and are not subject to confidentiality.

Information on collective bargaining law