Staff Council

All colleagues can contact the Staff Council with their concerns and suggestions at any time.

The office of the Staff Council is located in room 08.0116 (Building 8, above the cafeteria kitchen).

The Staff Council can always be reached at 03631 420-123. In addition, there is the e-mail address which can be used to contact the Staff Council.

The "Staff Council" mailbox is located on the first floor of Building 14 to the right behind the entrance, where concerns can be submitted in writing.

As of May 2022, the Staff Council is composed of the following members:

The members of the Staff Council




Organizational area

Thomas Hoffmann


03631 420-135

International Office

Sebastian Ziegler

Vice Chair

03631 420-150

Study Service Center

Kim Sehrer

2nd Vice Chair

03631 420-203

Personnel Department

Michael Franz

3rd Vice Chair

03631 420-345

Faculty of Engineering

Anja Arlet


03631 420-325

Faculty of Engineering

Christoph Schmidt


03631 420-747

Faculty of Engineering

Alexandra Aberle


03631 420-171

Language Center

Employees can address their concerns to the chairperson, the vice-chairpersons or another staff council member they trust. Conversely, the Staff Council provides information on its activities and on topics relevant to employees at the semi-annual staff meetings or by e-mail.

Request for co-determination by the staff council

According to the current legal situation in Thuringia,academic staff whose positions are financed in whole or in part by third-party funding and assistants are not automatically represented by the staff council when they are hired, grouped and have their contracts extended.

It is recommended that all academic staff in externally funded projects and all assistants submit an "Application for Co-determination by the Staff Council" so that they are also represented by the Staff Council when they are recruited, grouped and have their contracts extended, and so that the Staff Council can ensure that legal and collective agreement provisions are observed in their favor.

To the application form

Things to know

Service agreements

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Framework service agreements

Framework service agreements (TMWWDG)


Main Staff Council

Main Staff Council (HPR) at the TMWWDG


Thuringian Staff Representation Act


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