Stair beetle Findulin

Nordhausen is a city of stairs. And the only city in Germany where stair beetles live.

The stair beetles were created based on an idea by two employees of the JugendSozialwerk Nordhausen e.V. The idea was to make the stairs more attractive on the one hand and to create "sympathetic landmarks for the city" on the other hand (quote from the stair beetle website). In the meantime there are almost 20 stair beetles. Where they can be found can be read on the stair beetles' website.

The university also has several long, attractive staircases. So the idea was born to give a stair beetle a living space on the campus as well.

In order to achieve this goal, there was a charity run on the stairs at the library on June 18, 2013, where more than 60 stair runners ran up and down the stairs as often as possible in temperatures of more than 35 degrees in order to raise money for the beetle. Even our president ran with them that day.

And the exertions were worth it. A few weeks later our stair beetle was sitting on the big staircase at the library. The name Findulin had already been decided by our students by vote before.