The city of Nordhausen and the University

Nordhausen is located in the northern part of Germany’s Free State of Thuringia, the smallest state of the former East Germany. Founded in April 972, Nordhausen has 46,000 inhabitants nowadays, which makes it the largest city of northern Thuringia. It is surrounded by the mountain rages Harz, Kyffhäuser and Hainleite, and the cultural landscape Eichsfeld. In April 1945 more than 70% of the city was destroyed by an allied attack during the second world war. 8,800 people lost their lives.

With the traditional industries of spirits manufacturing and tobacco processing, Nordhausen became an important economic region for many years. However the introduction of market economy caused a profound restructuring of the industries. Nowadays Nordhausen’s industry is still characterized by a large spirits manufacturer, but also by medium-sized craft businesses and service companies.

With the establishment of the University of Applied Sciences smaller engineering and development companies followed.

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