Jobs & Internships at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences

Depending on the chosen course of study, the degree program at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences qualifies students for responsible positions in the following areas:

  • Social economy/social institutions
  • Management level in companies
  • Public service/service enterprises
  • Engineering/technical planning and coordination

For students, the degree program includes practice-related elements to prepare them for later fields of work, especially an integrated internship or a practice-oriented final module. More information on practical phases in the degree programs can be found on the Internship Office page.

If institutions or companies are interested in getting to know students in the context of an internship or final module, they can apply for an entry in our database. To do so, please send a short text about the company/institution with logo, address and contact details to the adjacent contact details.

Companies and institutions that would like to publish positions for our students can report or enter them independently. The following link leads to our job & internship exchange:

Job offers for students of our university can be published on